“Alexa for T24” Demo at Temenos Innovation Jam - Amsterdam

CIRCL, Amsterdam, Netherlands

About the event

Temenos Innovation Jam 970px

Each year, Temenos run a competition to find the best fintech firms - those that bring the most business value to their banking clients. This competition takes the form of regionalized demo-based events called Innovation Jams. Each Innovation Jam includes between 7 and 14 participants showcasing their solutions, all competing for a place in the final at The Temenos Community Forum in May 2018.

Software Group’s Alexa for T24 has been shortlisted by Temenos among the most interesting fintech ideas that will be showcased during the regional innovation jams.

On March 29th, 2:45-3:45 pm, Oskar Himmelreich, Team Lead Bespoke Applications, and Twan Burghouts, Platform and Process Manager at Software Group, will demonstrate Alexa for T24 - an easier than ever way to bank, beyond web, beyond apps and devices and beyond mobile customer service.

Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant, available in more than 35 countries in the world and millions of devices running it. It can provide superior experience in interacting with everyday activities turning your home, devices, cars and other surroundings into a connected smart environment. So why not your bank too?

Join our team at Temenos Innovation Jam in Amsterdam and experience the solution that will reshape the way in which end customers communicate with their financial service providers.

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