SG2018: The Power of Savings Groups

Kigali Convention Centre, Kigali, Rwanda

About the event


Hosted by the SEEP network, this year’s event in Rwanda will offer a platform for attendees to connect, engage and learn from each other about the challenges and opportunities they face in supporting Savings Groups – including VSLAs, SHGs, indigenous savings groups, and other forms of community-based microfinance – worldwide.

The conference agenda will be organized around four technical tracks:
1. Systemic Approaches to Increase Scale, Sustainability and Impact
2. Access to Formal Financial Services
3. Expanding Outreach to More Vulnerable and Diverse Populations
4. Savings Groups and Gender-transformative Initiatives

On May 23 Software Group’s Chief Innovation Officer  Geraldine O'Keeffe will participate as a speaker in the session “Making Small-Scale Savings Work with Linkage Banking” (2:00 pm-3:30 pm), as part the second technical track “Access to Formal Financial Services”.

About the SEEP Network

SEEP is a global learning network composed of 120 member organizations active in more than 170 countries. Founded in 1985, SEEP was a pioneer in the micro-credit movement and helped build the foundation of the financial inclusion efforts of today. In the last three decades, our members have continued to develop, test and expand innovative strategies that promote inclusion, develop competitive markets, and enhance livelihoods opportunities for the world’s poor.

SEEP is committed to combating poverty through inclusive financial systems; and over the last decade, Savings Groups have emerged as a key strategy in advancing SEEP’s goals of promoting access to finance in underserved markets.

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