Optimizing Digital Field Operations for Grameen Koota in India

20 Sep, 2016

In June 2016, Software Group (SG) signed a contract with Grameen Koota Financial Services, one of the largest microfinance institutions in India, to optimize their field operations by leveraging alternative delivery channels. The organization aims to streamline its processes, in particular the registration of new loan applications, recording of collections and emergency loans, as well as to improve efficiency and accelerate growth to meet their high targets.

Software Group will implement a digital field application that will address Grameen Koota’s unique workflow requirements, as well as seamlessly integrating with their core banking solution.

SG was selected to be the technological vendor for the project due to its reputation for timely implementation, as well as for the ability to build a platform for future enhancements via additional delivery channel solutions.  Grameen Koota will be supported through the local office of SG in Trichy, India, which has previously focused on new product development, but will now expand its capacity to provide implementation and support services to clients in the region.

About Grameen Koota Financial Services

Grameen Koota Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. (Grameen Koota) is one of the largest MFIs in India with more than 1.5 million clients.  The company is represented in 74 districts across five states using the Grameen methodology of group lending. By 2020, Grameen Koota seeks to enable economic and social change in over 2 million households through financial products and development services.