Software Group joins Temenos MarketPlace

20 Feb, 2018

SOFIA, Bulgaria – February 20, 2018 – Software Group, a global technology company specialized in delivery channel and integration solutions for financial service providers, announces today the launch of its solutions onto Temenos MarketPlace.

Temenos is one of the world’s leading banking software vendors, providing state-of-art and cost-effective banking software systems for banks and financial institutions globally. The MarketPlace is a unique online store launched by the company to help financial institutions experience the latest innovations in financial services technology. The solutions which Software Group provides through the platform include agency, allowing merchants or retail outlets to become bank representatives, digital field application, which allows field operatives to authenticate, onboard and service customers remotely, and a mobile wallet.

Software Group has had a long-standing relationship with Temenos. Before electing to join the MarketPlace, Software Group was a Temenos complementary solution provider and over 30 Temenos customers, such as the Fullerton Group, Vision Fund and ACCU, already use its solutions.

Kalin Radev, CEO of Software Group, commented: "It is very exciting to be taking our relationship with Temenos to the next level. We see the MarketPlace as a fantastic route to market for the many products that can bring value to Temenos customers. As well as our direct channel solutions, we have an infrastructure platform that is truly cutting edge and can address the integration needs of financial institutions of all sizes. We look forward to playing an active role in the MarketPlace community and helping Temenos to deliver unparalleled customer success."

Commenting on the launch, Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos, said: "Working together with Software Group, Temenos has helped to bring financial inclusion to millions of people across the globe. By becoming a MarketPlace provider, Software Group will gain greater visibility across the solutions it offers at the same time as making it much easier for Temenos customers to procure these solutions. As such, we expect Software Group to increase its footprint across the Temenos customer base and, by extension, help bring millions more people into the formal banking sector."