Software Group is a preferred IT employer for graduates in Bulgaria

5 Jun, 2018

More than 7000 people voted the best companies for graduate employment in 2018

Software Group was ranked 7th most preferred IT employer for graduates in Bulgaria for 2018. This shows a national Graduate Survey among more than 7000 students graduating from 51 universities in Bulgaria. The survey ranks top 50 most preferred companies in different sectors that provide best opportunities for students to start their career after university.

Software Group takes 34th place in the whole study. The company stands out with its comprehensive competency model, creating career paths and a robust education program that supports each individual's growth within that path. Supported by a mentor program for the newcomers or a Management academy for those who grow beyond experts, backed by a solid education partner network the company adequately bridges the gap between the academic studies and the demands of the business environment.

The analysis includes answers of some very important questions for young professionals such as “How students form their opinion about the company?”, “What are they looking for when searching for their future employer?”, “What is their expected salary?”, etc.

Among the key factors, attracting graduates are the opportunities to participate in fully fledged internship programs offered by the employers. Companies looking to develop interns are the preferred choice for young talents as they provide them with the opportunity to immerse in the corporate environment, understand the company’s values and decide whether they can fit in.

In addition to the tech industry, the research ranks companies from other prominent sectors such as telecommunications, financial and pharmaceutical industries, etc.

The study provides a clear direction how the Bulgarian companies can solve the problem related to the shortage of qualified employees and retaining the best talents in Bulgaria.  

For more information about the study in Bulgarian read here