Software Group jumps 10 positions in the national ranking of the most preferred graduate employers for 2019

7 Jun, 2019

Software Group jumps 10 positions from 34th in 2018 to 24th place in 2019 in the annual ranking of the most preferred employers in Bulgaria. The 2019 National Graduate Survey reflects the views of over 8200 students from 51 universities in Bulgaria. For the first time, the survey also covers universities from abroad.

Traditionally, the survey ranks the top 50 most preferred companies (in varying sectors) that provide the best career opportunities after university. The respondents answer 50 questions. Some of the questions are about the emotional and functional characteristics of the companies according to which students define the image of the employers. The answers can be used as a way to understand the employer brand of each company and why the most talented graduates chose them.

Software Group stands out with its many initiatives dedicated to developing its employees. The company has a comprehensive competency model, creating career paths and a robust education program that supports each individual's growth. The newcomers can benefit from a mentor-led program while the employees who want to grow beyond experts have opportunities for leadership and management training conducted together with a solid education partner network. The goal is to adequately bridge the gap between academic studies and the demands of the business environment.

The research ranks employees from different industries such as the technology, financial and banking sectors, telecommunications, etc. If you are interested to learn more, read the article in Bulgarian here