Software Group’s CEO Kalin Radev with an award for “Exceptional commitment” by Endeavor Bulgaria

6 Feb, 2020
Software Group’s CEO, Kalin Radev, was awarded a prize for “Exceptional commitment” by Endeavor Bulgaria, an organization supporting the local entrepreneurs, а part of the global Endeavor network. The institution recognized its loyal mentors giving back to the community throughout the previous year at an official ceremony yesterday in Sofia.

Mr. Radev received the award for his dedication towards the mission of Endeavor to lead the high-impact entrepreneurship movement. His role in the organization as a board member and mentor is essential for supporting the process of developing the future business leaders of the country. Radev participates on all levels of the selection process in Endeavor’s programs right from interviewing new candidates both locally and internationally, to dedicating his time for mentorship sessions, as well as leading a session with the entrepreneurs in “Dare to scale,” a growth program for high potential Bulgarian companies striving to become global players.

“Despite his busy schedule leading a global company, Mr. Radev is very responsive and always available to support our initiatives working for the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs,” commented the organization.

Endeavor Award - Software GroupEndeavor is recognizing its most committed mentors for the third consecutive year distributing awards in five categories, including “Mentor of the Year,” “Top New Mentor,” “Exceptional Commitment,” “Most Endeavorized Mentor,” and “Give-back Mindset.” Endeavour Bulgaria was founded in 2015 by prominent local entrepreneurs with the vision to achieve high-impact on the local economy. It is part of the global Endeavor network with a presence in 35+ markets around the world. The organization was founded on the belief that job creation, innovation, and overall prosperity flourish where there is robust support for high-impact entrepreneurs.

Since its launch, Endeavor Bulgaria has selected 26 entrepreneurs, leading 16 companies in multiple industries: Retail, Technology, Energy, FMCG, Healthcare, etc. Until now, the local office of the organization has screened 800+ companies and enlisted the support of 30+ experienced mentors who provided rich expertise in a variety of industries.