“Thank You” to Our Team Who Help Bulgaria's COVID-19 Fight through Technology

6 Apr, 2020

Software Group would like to express its gratitude and admiration to our dedicated team who volunteered their time to build at record speed an integrated system which will support the government in the fight against COVID-19

Our world today is different from the one we knew just a few weeks ago. The coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented situation in which we are all together - as humans and professionals.

At Software Group, we have always prided ourselves on creating impact through technology. Our passion for developing purpose-driven technology solutions is now giving us the chance to join the fight against COVID-19 and help reduce the spread of the deadly virus.

COV.ID - a centralized register of the COVID-related cases in Bulgaria, was developed by a dedicated team at Software Group, which rose to the challenge and volunteered their time in working together on the project. The system delivered at the symbolic price of 1 BGN, is part of a nationwide initiative undertaken by the Bulgarian Council of Ministers in partnership with other technology companies.

COV.ID will digitalize personal and medical data collection from different institutions working with COVID-related cases (such as regional health inspectors, border police, Ministry of Interior, general practitioners, hospitals and laboratories) and will process the data between these institutions in a structured and secure way.

The register is already integrated with an advanced analytics solution, a GIS system, and a mobile app for citizens, developed by partner IT companies, as well as with the systems of the responsible government institutions. It will empower the respective ministries and state authorities with real-time information and predictive analysis to support their work in the fight against COVID-19.

We express our most sincere and deepest gratitude to all our colleagues who embraced the project as a mission and dedicated their time and effort to make it a reality.

We hope that humanity will win over COVID-19 sooner than expected. And although the post-COVID world will be different, we are confident about addressing every challenge and remain committed to leveraging the power of technology for the larger good.

On the picture: April 4, 2020 - Press conference of the Bulgarian Council of Ministers. The Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is announcing the National Information System that will support the government in the fight against the new coronavirus.