Using Software Group’s solutions, banks can meet the growing demands for real-time and convenient financial services while delivering a seamless experience regardless of the access channels and devices.   We are helping banks stay competitive by supporting them to rethink the way people interact with them and create a truly digital experience for their customers that not only meets expectations but exceeds them. We start with our integration solutions that provide a platform for innovation by easing the introduction of new products and services, allows for flexible reconfiguration and integrations to 3rd parties and ensures a quick to market capabilities. Then we digitize access channels and provide seamless experience to customers across the board with convenient anytime, anywhere services. In addition we offer solutions that facilitate deep customer understanding through behavioral data analytics which will not only enable a better customer service experience but will increase the bank’s productivity and ROI by preventing potential account delinquency, loan defaulting, fraud and other possibilities

Decrease Cost

Decrease operational cost

The traditional branch model incurs high costs associated with building and maintaining branches. Software Group’s alternative delivery channel solutions help introduce a branchless banking alternative and help digitize banks’ operations which can have a significant impact on the bank’s balance sheet. These cost savings come at a time when banking is burdened with increased costs related to regulatory requirements, and interest margin impacts banks’ ability to grow their top lines. 

Extend Reach

Extend market reach and improve customer relationships

Software Group is changing the way banks reach their customers, by providing multiple channels and user experience to differentiate itself in today’s crowded market of new entrants. With Software Groups’ solutions, banks can meet the growing demands for real-time and convenient financial services while delivering a seamless experience regardless of the access channels and devices. By tailoring payments solutions to underserved segments, including small and informal merchants, the youth market, migrant workers, low-income customers and others banks are able to address new untapped markets. The banks can also become a driver behind a more cash lite economy by shifting a bigger share of transactions such as payments to bank-owned channels and reduce the costs associated with less efficient payments instruments, such as cash.

Customer Experience

Offer beyond omni-channel, unparalleled customer experience 

Customers’ demand towards the way they interact with their bank is constantly increasing and is naturally affected by the growing usage of technologies in all aspects of everyday life. Expectations are changing towards digital, real-time and convenient experience.  That drives the need for banks to reflect on its evolution along the digital-banking continuum and have a unified access strategy for all channels, and, ultimately, a consolidated digital platform to manage and deliver the full range of financial services. By adopting Software Group’s end-to-end digital technologies, design thinking and modern analytics applications, modern banks can create unparalleled anytime, anywhere customer experience.


Achieve compliance excellence in a digital-first world

Software Group's solutions help banks digitally transform with a future-proof approach to compliance.

  • Our Enterprise Integration Platform (EIP) centralizes customer data across systems and channels, facilitating data governance in accordance with regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In addition EIP supports integration with third parties to ensure compliance in areas, such as AML, embargo sanction lists, FATCA compliance, etc.
  • Meeting Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements in the digital era is supported through secure Authentication & Identity Management - key capabilities of the DigiWave Enterprise Digital Banking Platform. 
  • DigiWave's strong Workflow, Task and Document Management enable banks to flexibly integrate any regulation and risk requirement starting from onboarding and origination through to servicing processes.
  • Open Banking is no longer a challenge from a compliance perspective. PSD2 compliance is built into our solutions - including Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and Consent Management, as well as advanced API capabilities which help banks control their relationships with third parties.

Тo be able to meet the diverse needs of Banks, we offer solutions like Enterprise Integration Platform, Mobile Wallet, Remote customer onboarding & account opening, Loan Origination, Agency Banking, Payment Switch and Card Management, Internet and Mobile Banking, Chatbots, ATM Management, POS and Merchant Acquiring, and many others.

Our solutions are built on a single platform - the mature, flexible and future-proof DigiWave Platform, enabling quick time to market, easy scaling, and cross-channel workflows.