Digital Financi Deep Webinar Dive Kaiser Naseem
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Webinar Series: Digital Finance Deep Dive with... Kaiser Naseem

Join Software Group’s Digital Finance Deep Dive webinar series with global fintech experts and influencers! 

Webinar Series: Digital Finance Deep Dive with... Kaiser Naseem

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Get deeper understanding of the growing dynamics in the digital finance space, as our guest speakers share key industry trends, best practices and real-life examples supporting the digital transformation of financial service providers around the globe.

Ask your burning questions and get the expert’s answers in real time. 

About Our Guest Speaker

Kaiser Naseem, WBAF Senator for Canada, is a global thought leader in international development finance, a disruptor and an innovator with an entrepreneurial flair. During his career spanning over 35 years he has conceptualized and developed new institutions and business models in challenging environments. Kaiser was designated as one of the top 50 fintech influencers in the Middle East, top 100 Global Fintech influencers for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2019, and is a “Leader in Global Development Finance”. He serves as an Advisor to the MENA Fintech Association and is a member of the Arab Monetary Fund’s working group on FINTECHs in the Arab world.

During this webinar Software Group will ask Kaiser Naseem about:

  • The future of Digital Financial Services: Kaiser Naseem’s top 3 predictions
  • Innovation hot spots in the digital finance space
  • Which Financial Service Providers (FSPs) will have the biggest impact on financial inclusion?
  • Digital transformation - real-life success stories
  • Regulations’ impact on DFS costs and adoption
  • AI, blockchain and DFS – where’s the intersection?
  • Super platforms’ effect on financial inclusion and local innovations

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