Digital Finance Deep Dive with... Aiaze Mitha

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Aiaze Mitha is an internationally renowned Digital Finance Expert who has led digital transformation projects in 40+ countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. He has long advised international organizations such as the World Bank, IFC, CGAP, Mastercard Foundation and AFD and is now supporting digital innovation acceleration with UNCDF, with a strong focus on the development of digital economies. Prior to that he led M-Paisa in Afghanistan, and was Chief Officer at Tiaxa, a digital lending Fintech in emerging markets. As a result, Aiaze brings a unique perspective on the speed of development of digital innovation in emerging countries. 

During this webinar Software Group asked Aiaze about:
  • The future of Digital Financial Services: Aiaze Mitha’s top 3 predictions
  • 3 key lessons from the mobile money space
  • Which Financial Service Providers (FSPs) will have the biggest impact on financial inclusion? 
  • Gaps in the supply and demand side of DFS
  • Regulations’ impact on DFS costs and adoption
  • AI and DFS – where’s the intersection? 
  • Super platforms’ effect on financial inclusion and local innovations


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Digital Finance Deep Dive

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