ADB Asia Finance Forum

Manila, Philippines

About the event

Software Group will participate in the 3rd ADB Asia Finance Forum, held on November 6-7 in Manila, Philippines! 

The conference will explore the future of inclusive finance by discussing how these new technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, as well as the rapid expansion of mobile-phone banking, are helping to bring financial services to unbanked communities. 

The agenda of the 3rd ADB Asia Finance Forum will cover topics such as the latest trends in inclusive finance, the power of financial literacy, the importance of interoperable payment systems, microinsurance, among others.

On November 6, Software Group’s team will participate in the Digital Finance MarketPlace, where the conference participants will have the opportunity to connect with practitioners and learn from their experience.

Join us on November 6-7 and get tailored advice about the next steps of your digital transformation journey.

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