Software Group is offering to banks a consolidated digital platform to manage and deliver the full range of financial services supported by delivery channels that helps meet the growing demands for convenient and real-time banking. Our platform includes a broad range of solutions among which: 

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Integration Platform

The Integration platform solution offers to banks an enterprise system that allows connection among internal and external systems for the purpose of transactions and/or information sharing. The platform provides flexibility through configuration of flows, message routing and support for a diverse range of protocols. Security, high performance, monitoring and auditing are cornerstones of the design of our solution. The Integration platform contains out of the box adapters to common financial world platforms such as m-wallet providers, national switches, credit bureaus, airtime and utility companies and others and will provide the entire infrastructure needed for horizontal and vertical scalability, ensuring compliance with industry standards. The solution is fully ESB compliant and is based on the best-practice ESB architectural patterns with all ESB features while in the same time being lighter and easier to adopt, connect and use. The Integration platform allows open APIs usage, ensures a seamless omni-channel experience and gives the opportunity to interconnect legacy and new systems. With the Integration platform solutions banks deliver faster, cost effective, standards-based integrations and quickly expand the range of services and potential revenue streams.

Payment Switch

The Payment Switch Solution enables banks and financial service providers to connect with domestic or international card associations, transaction acquiring institutions, card issuers, independent ATM network operators or 3rd party systems for additional services like mobile top-up, utility bills payment, etc. it assures CBS and CMS integration for authorization of transactions issued by your organization.

Using the solution acquirers can profit from their established network of ATMs, EFTpos, e-commerce merchants by providing services to other organizations, while issuers can expand the reach and diversity of services for their clients with minimal investments. The solution is designed to handle and route transaction messages from more than one organization and supports message translations for multiple legacy and emerging transaction protocols. It also manages clearing process with issuers and acquirers or clearing organizations like international card associations.


Supports cost-effective and quick to market strategies to scale the available points of service for customers. It allows the bank to extend its operations to new locations and new customers fast and provide convenience to its clients. As a result of lower transaction costs and a transaction-driven revenue model the Agency Banking Solution works best for low-balance, high-transaction accounts. It empowers third party agents to transact on behalf of your institution providing services including cash in/cash out, balance inquiries, bill payments etc. It also ensures secure authentication through biometrics and/or cards to safeguard you and your clients. The Agency management module provides flexible administration that can be used to define fees, limits, commissions and access rights for each different agent category. The solution can be accessed through a variety of channels including USSD, smartphone app, POS or web portal.

Loan Origination

The Digital Field Application solution allows originating loans in the field using mobile devices. Validations and credit scoring can be embedded to the mobile application so that you can quickly give feedback to your clients. The field application works in both online and offline mode to ensure continuous availability in all areas of operation. A web based interface synchronizes with the field application to route the loans through your back office processes, providing a user friendly interface to aggregate all information relevant to the borrower's application.

Remote Account Opening

Using a mobile device, register details to support new client registration and account opening. Capture all required KYC information including photos, ID card and biometrics. Assures seamless integration with ID registries to support online validations and rules engine to automate approvals. You can instantly issue cards associated with new accounts, linking card to customer via the mobile application. There is also an option to capture GPS location to support geographical mapping of customers and tracking of field staff.

Mobile Wallet

Through the Mobile Wallet Solution banks can offer a large number of value added services to their customers ensuring seamless experience. They can guarantee simplicity in payments, increased customer convenience, and transactions that are easy, fast and secure. The increased number of smartphones and merchants who accept mobile payments make the ability to provide own m-wallets offerings vital for the digital strategy of all banks that want to stay competitive. The m-wallet solution by Software Group offers a big choice of services while maintaining highest level of security. The solution is designed to integrate with the bank’s existing payment infrastructure at different points. It can manage wallet accounts either in the CBS or standalone. It includes mobile apps for customers, merchants and agents.

It also offers a flexible choice of devices and access channels including smartphones, tablets, USSD, POS or web portal with different options available for different players involved (ie merchants, agents, customers, bulk payers, administrators). Supports customer self-registration, merchant payments, p2p transfers, linking bank and wallet accounts, cash in/out, bill payments and integration with billers and many others. Built-in configurable security features protect the customers’ transactions.

In addition, the system administration is protected by a comprehensive access and permissions configuration, change authorization process and audit log. 

Further on, to meet the diverse needs of banks we are also able to offer Card and ATM management solutions, POS and merchant acquiring, Self-service banking, AML, Alerts and campaigns, Back-office management and many others.


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