Fintechs are all about disruption, innovation in services and reimagining how people do banking. From a proven flexible and modular platform to integrate into, to bespoke solutions that address specific needs, we offer solutions for those companies that let them focus their efforts in what they are best at – innovative disruption. We partner with fintechs to provide them with our expertise and experienced development teams to build services that will let them mature, scale and grow.

Integration Platform

The Integration platform solution offers fintechs an enterprise system that allows them to connect internal and external systems for the purpose of transactions and/or information sharing. The platform provides flexibility through configuration of flows, message routing and support for a diverse range of protocols. Security, high performance, monitoring and auditing are cornerstones of the design of our solution. The Integration platform contains out of the box adapters to common financial world systems and provides all the infrastructure for horizontal and vertical scalability, ensuring compliance with industry standards. The solution is fully ESB compliant and is based on the best-practice ESB architectural patterns with all ESB features while in the same time being lighter and easier to adopt, connect and use. Fintechs can rely upon this flexible and scalable solution and focus on delivering value to their customers without the need to develop integration solutions on their own.


Payment Switch

Software Group's Payment Switch is well-suited for fintech ventures' needs. They can trust an industry-standard payment switch and focus on their core business, bringing innovative services to their customers without having to invest significantly on security, scalability and the pangs of integration. Software Group’s Payment switch solution can integrate seamlessly with third-party payment systems, ensuring fintechs’ operations will accept and perform payments in a simple and safe way. The solution supports a high degree of flexibility and can be tuned to fit fintech’s exact needs.

Bespoke Solutions For Each Unique Player

Many of today’s fintech success stories are about reinventing how financial products and services can be offered. To support these new business models, technical solutions may need to be designed and architected from scratch. Alternatively many fintechs may find that while core platforms support a percentage of their business, bespoke applications are needed for specific functions. To meet these needs Software Group offers an experienced team of developers that embed best practice UI/UX into their agile development methodologies. For fintech companies willing to outsource all or a part of their development, the bespoke team is a good match. This allows fintechs to focus on their core business, entrusting the technical part of their activity to professionals.

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