Software Group’s solutions help MFIs succeed in their digital transformation, increase outreach and improve portfolio quality. With our solutions MFIs are able to:

  • digitize operations and achieve operational efficiency,
  • improve data quality and speed through digitizing manual processes,
  • scale with quick to market solutions,
  • compete through new products and better service,
  • ease transformation to full banking services if desired.


Supports cost-effective and quick to market strategies to scale the available points of service for customers and increase outreach fast. The Agency Banking Solution allows the MFI to get out of the traditional branch infrastructure and extend its operations to locations that are often hard to reach like rural areas. In the same providing convenience and proximity to customers, ease of access and opportunity to onboard customers previously unbanked. Increases customer loyalty and operation transparency with diversified or cross-sell products and accessible and convenient services. Empowers third party agents to transact on behalf of the MFI providing services including cash in/cash out, balance inquiries, bill payments etc. The account opening process can also be outsourced to the agent. Offers secure authentication through biometrics and/or cards. The agency management module provides flexible administration module to define the fees, limits, commissions and access rights for each different category of agent. There is a variety of choice of access channels including USSD, smartphone app, POS or web portal.



A mobile application that supports the digitization of field operations, improves the quality of the data captured, speeds up processes and assures customer convenience, reaching customers where they are. The Digital Field Application Solution helps support operations such as client registration, account opening, loan application, etc. outside of the traditional branch. Facilitates data capture for a variety of financial and non-financial activities both in offline and online mode on a mobile phone or tablet. Allows the elimination of paper forms and manual processes and improves accuracy of data. Provides options to interface with authentication devices like biometrics and/or card pin pads and mobile printers where physical receipts/contracts are required. Eases handling customers with no formal IDs. Provides administration and audit capabilities through a web interface.

Integration Platform

The Integration platform solution offers to MFIs an enterprise system that allows connection among internal and external systems for the purpose of transactions and/or information sharing thereby expanding MFIs ecosystem through integration with third parties. The platform  provides flexibility through configuration of flows, message routing and support for a diverse range of protocols. Security, high performance, monitoring and auditing are cornerstones in the design of our solution. The Integration platform contains out of the box adapters to common financial world platforms such as m-wallet providers, national switches, credit bureaus, airtime, utility companies and others and provides all the infrastructure needed for horizontal and vertical scalability, ensuring compliance with industry standards. The solution is fully ESB compliant and is based on the best-practice ESB architectural patterns with all ESB features while in the same time being lighter and easier to adopt, connect and use. With the Integration platform solution MFIs deliver faster, cost effective, standards-based integrations and quickly expand the range of services and potential revenue streams.

Alerts and Campaigns

Messaging platform that supports the design and management of notifications and campaigns. Flexible settings allow users to configure messages using business triggers, filters and schedules. MFIs can send messages to clients, prospects, and staff using either SMS or email. End customers can be notified on all account activity saving them time and costs to receive that information through other channels. The solution can be also used to send clients loan payment reminders. With the Alerts and campaigns solution MFIs can generate additional revenue by offering SMS alerts as a service or send clients promotional campaigns or product information. 

Self-Service Banking

MFIs can build valuable relationships with end customers enabling them to bank anytime, anywhere using their choice of digital channel including mobile, web or kiosk. Configure a suite of products and services tailored to the channel of customer's choice. Introduce new products such as emergency loans, self-registration and chatbots to support interactions between the financial institution and the client.

Shared Platform

The Shared platform is the solution designed with the specific needs of MFI networks or associations which need to digitize multiple MFIs using a standard technology platform. The platform is built in partnership with several technological vendors and allows the MFIs to access cutting edge technology solutions, all of which are based on cloud deployments. Encompassing both Core Banking as well as delivery channel solutions, the platform is flexible to adjust to market specifics, along with the integration to local payment providers. Adopting cloud based shared platforms brings the opportunity of economy of scale and alleviates the need for individual MFIs to make costly investments in infrastructure and technical resources. Where connectivity is poor, MFIs have the option to utilize the DFA solution in offline mode to access a limited set of core functionalities ensuring nonstop service for clients. 

Further, to be able to meet all the diverse needs of an MFI we offer solutiuons like Payment Switch, Mobile Wallet, Card management, ATM management, POS and Merchant acquring, Anti-money laundering, Back-office management and others. 


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