Software Group’s solutions for Telcos can open the door to the world of financial services for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), delivering the technology needed to meet their financial services strategy. With the solutions we offer MNOs can integrate with third parties which allows them to create mobile financial services products and solutions with quick to market capabilities. Those products and services offer innovations in experience for the end users and increased revenue per customer for the Telco.


Mobile Wallet

Telcos can use the Mobile Wallet Solution to provide to its established customer base innovative experiences with digital payments. The M-wallet by Software Group can help MNOs to generate new revenue streams by facilitating transactions and offering financial value-added services with the highest level of security. The solution provides the full wallet account management and payment infrastructure needed to offer those services including integration with banks and payment networks as well as Telco’s own infrastructure. 

The M-wallet solution by Software Group can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, USSD, POS or via a web portal with different options available for the different players involved (ie merchants, agents, customers, bulk payers, administrators)Supports customer self-registration, merchant payments, p2p transfers, cash in/out, bill payments and integration with billers and many others. Built-in configurable security features protect the customers’ transactions.

Payment Switch

The Payment Switch Solution enables Telcos to connect with traditional payment providers like banks, national switches, card associations and card issuers, independent ATM network operators or other 3rd party systems. With this solution Telcos are able to offer new services like utility bill payment, transportation payment, paying public transportation fees, government taxes and others. With the Payment switch the Telco can also expand the application of their mobile financial services and utilize acceptance channels like ATMs or EFTpos. It supports transaction requests from more than one acceptance channel like mPOS, e-commerce and many more. Assures integration with client account management systems like mWallet platforms or other mobile financial service platforms. 


For many Telcos the success of their financial services offering rests on the quality of their agent network. The ability to recruit, train and effectively manage these agents will help to differentiate one market offering from the competition. Our dedicated agent management solution provides the required functionality to proactively manage these channel resources. Including mobile apps to support registration and training alongside advanced administration portals to support complex hierarchies with flexible fee and commission structures. Liquidity management dashboards that incorporate geolocation and traffic lights help those responsible for agent management proactively ensure the highest quality of service is delivered via the agent network.

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