Bronze (Standard) Silver Gold Platinum
Dedicated customer portal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Product installation and training sessions Yes Yes Yes Yes
8/5 support coverage window (within the customer local time zone) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Response time for Priority 1 incidents * 3 hours 2 hours 1 hours 30 min.
Toll free phone support during the subscribed coverage window - Yes Yes Yes
Escalation management - Yes Yes Yes
Onsite Support - Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Support coverage window - - Yes Yes
Incident management reports and statistics - - Yes Yes
Customer satisfaction survey management - - Yes Yes
Service quality assessment program - - - Yes
Access to online support knowledge base - - - Yes

Add these additional services to your plan


Configuration and ongoing remote database administration (DBA) support


This service applies to databases deployed as part of a Software Group solution. We will configure the database on a virtual machine provided by the customer. We will also regularly perform additional database maintenance tasks, like indexing so that DB performance degrades less in time. Additionally, backup policies are made and maintained as a service.


Setup and remote infrastructure business continuity (BC) monitoring & alerts


Software Group staff will offload the customer’s IT Infrastructure staff from monitoring the servers they have supplied for our solutions to be installed on.  Monitoring and alerts mean that potential issues are discovered early on and service interruptions are shorter.


Server infrastructure sizing and architecture design

We provide a high-level description of what computing resources are needed to run our applications. Then we size it according to customer needs and expected workloads. This way customer’s IT staff are saved a lot of efforts when building the infrastructure needed to run our solutions.


Full server infrastructure setup and systems administration

The Customer IT Staff is offloaded from setting up the computing resources that are needed to run the Software Group solutions. Our staff will do the system administration to create and maintain the various virtual machines needed.


Quarterly systems security tests/report

Every 3 months we report the results of tests designed to discover any gaps in security processes. This serves to improve those processes and ensure compliance with financial regulation and international standards. 


Trainings for existing customers (additional charge)


Providing additional training would organically reduce the amount of assistance our clients require on a daily basis by parrying upcoming issues with better acumen.


Scope of trainings:

  • Product Trainings
  • Deployment Trainings
  • Database Maintenance
  • Support Process & Basic Troubleshooting Guides


If you are interested in purchasing additional services, kindly contact your Account Manager or Support at the Service Desk , write an email with a description of your case to or call the 24/7 number: +12027548475